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Standard Rate Per Line ?
Transcriptions are charged based on the number of lines in a Note. Each line consists of 65 keystrokes.
Storage ?
Duration of time that notes are stored online in your account so that you can download and save them.

Notes are purged from account and optionally emailed to you as they expire the storage duration period.

Fax Rate per Page (US Customers Only) ?
Notes faxed from your account are charged based on the number of pages.
Turn Around Time ?
Transcriptions are delivered on the next business day. Dictations submitted on Fridays are delivered on the following Monday and those submitted during weekends are delivered on the following Tuesday.

No STAT service is offered.

Monthly Minimum Usage ?
Monthly minimum usage amount. If usage is below this amount for any given month, account will be invoiced for this amount.
Add-On Services
Online EHR Delivery ?
If you use a web-based EHR, transcriptions can be delivered to your account. Service is charged per line in addition to transcription charges.

Dictations submitted before 10 PM ET will be delivered to your Online EHR before 10 AM ET, the next business day.

Dictation Options
Accent iOS App ?
Access to iOS (iPhone & iPad) medical transcription app that allows you to record and submit dictations. Easy tool to review, edit and print transcriptions.

Olympus DVR ?
Access to DSSUploader tool with which you can submit dictations recorded on Olympus digital voice recorder.
Tollfree Telephone (US Customers Only) ?
Access to toll-free telephone dictation system with access code and PIN.
6.5¢ per line. 1 week storage. Fax 15¢ per page. Minimun monthly usage USD10. No Tollfree dictation. EHR Delivery 4¢ per line.

Limited time offer. Ends May 31st.

7.5 6.5¢
1 Week
24 hrs
$ 10
9¢ per line. 1 month storage. Fax 15¢ per page. Minimun monthly usage USD10. No Tollfree dictation. EHR Delivery 3¢ per line.
1 Month
24 hrs
$ 10
10¢ per line. 6 months storage. Fax 10¢ per page. Minimun monthly usage USD10. EHR Delivery 2¢ per line.
6 Months
24 hrs
$ 10
11¢ per line. Account life storage. Free fax. Minimun monthly usage USD10. EHR Delivery 2¢ per line.
24 hrs
$ 10
All rates in US$.

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Amount $10.00 ($10 will be charged to verify the credit card and the amount will be put back into your account as credit)

Free Trial. 2 Week Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our service, you can cancel your account within two weeks or five transcriptions (whichever comes first) and the setup charge will be refunded.
Credit Card Billing Address
Name and address the same as Account.
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Account will be billed at the end of each month and credit card provided here will be charged with the invoice amount. All charges and transactions will be made in US Dollar.

Account Settings
Users (i.e; John Doe, MD)
Note Types (i.e; OFFICE NOTE)
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