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Best-in-Class Platform
OvernightScribe is the best-in-class self-service medical transcription platform. Highlights include intuitive dictation app (iOS & Android), FHIR® capability, traditional & speech-to-text transcription channels, telephone dictation, HIPAA compliant, embeddable Widget, API level access, multi-format file export, highest quality service and excellent support.

OvernightScribe has been providing outstanding medical transcription service, serving physicians nationwide with intuitive clinical documentation solutions since 2002. Pay-As-You-Go. No contracts. Cancel any time.

Guest Access with iCloud Account
On iOS app you can also access our services as a guest, using your iCloud account and in-app purchase without signing up.
How it Works
  • Record and upload dictations (or use telephone) for professional transcription
  • Use Speech To Text editor for realtime transcription
  • Edit, sign-off, export, print and fax from App or Website
  • Notes delivered to EHR (linked via SMART on FHIR)
Henry Ford Health System
MSU Health Team
Beaumont Health

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I have been using OvernightScribe for several years and have been extremely happy with the results. I dictate very detailed letters with templates that were designed with OvernightScribe and they have been accurate with all of the data. They have the letters ready the next morning and I read and approve them and can then email or fax or upload them into my EMR easily. Whenever I have had a question I received an answer back rapidly and they have always helped to solve any problem that may arise. This is an excellent service that has met my expectations in all areas.

Judith Goldberg-Berman M.D., Ph.D.
Greenwich, CT

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Dictate in Minutes

Single or group practice, it's really simple to switch to OvernightScribe.

  • Affordable Pay-As-You-Go plans.
  • Role based users for providers and staff.
  • Custom letterheads and signatures.
  • Mobile App & Telephone dictation.
  • Auto-delivery to SMART on FHIR linked EHR.

Plans based on features, dictation options and storage duration.

  • Basic 6¢ a line. App dictation, 1 month storage.
  • Popular 10¢ a line. 12 Hr TAT. App dictation, 6 months storage.
  • Advanced 12¢ a line. 6 Hr TAT. App dictation, account-life storage.
  • No contracts. Cancel any time.

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Widget & API Access
Widget for accessing notes directly from your internal systems.
  • Embeddable in web applications
  • Compact or elastic layouts
  • Multiple themes
Access to RESTful API to directly interface with OvernightScribe platform.
  • List: List pending and completed notes
  • Get: Retrieve notes in Structured, Text or PDF formats
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