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Best-in-Class Platform
OvernightScribe is the best-in-class self-service medical transcription platform. Highlights include intuitive dictation app (iOS & Android), embeddable Widget, API level access, multi-format file export, highest quality service and excellent support.

OvernightScribe has been providing outstanding medical transcription service, serving physicians nationwide with intuitive clinical documentation solutions since 2002.

Pay-As-You-Go. No contracts. Cancel any time.

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How it works?
  • Record and upload dictations using App

  • Access transcribed notes from App or Website next business day

  • Edit, sign-off, export, print and fax from App or Website
Dictate in Minutes

Single or group practice, it's really simple to switch to OvernightScribe.

  • Affordable Pay-As-You-Go plans.

  • Role based users for providers and staff.

  • Custom letterheads and signatures.

  • Mobile App dictation.

Plans based on features, dictation options and storage duration.

  • Basic 8.0¢ a line. App dictation, 1 month storage.

  • Popular 10¢ a line. 12 Hr TAT. App dictation, 6 months storage.

  • Advanced 12¢ a line. 6 Hr TAT. App dictation, account-life storage.

  • No contracts. Cancel any time.

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Widget & API Access
Widget for accessing notes directly from your internal systems.
  • Embeddable in web applications

  • Compact or elastic layouts

  • Multiple themes
Access to RESTful API to directly interface with OvernightScribe platform.
  • List: List pending and completed notes
  • Get: Retrieve notes in Structured, Text or PDF formats
  • Upload: Send dictations (WAV) to transcribe
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